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What is a venture builder?

Venture Builders specialize in creating, establishing and scaling new startups. A team of experienced entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, designers, and developers work together with founders to:
  • 1. Identify promising business ideas
  • 2. Validate them through market research and user testing,
  • 3. Build and launch a startup or help an existing one.
  • 4. Help the startup scale and fundraise

Venture builders also provide a range of support services, including MVP development, marketing, mentorship, funding, and access to networks of investors and industry experts.
As well as social media marketing, SEO and HR as a service.By offering a comprehensive suite of resources and experiences, venture builders strive to significantly increase the success rate of new startups. Learn more about what we do here.

Our Story

Peprosys is a Venture Builder that was started in 2020 as a university side project. Sahil was doing an MBA at the University of Cape Town when a number of fellow students were seeking help with building out tech solutions. They were non-technical founders looking to build products in a fast, affordable and scalable way. Having done a Computer Science masters, Sahil had unique access to world class software developers. And so Peprosys was born.
Peprosys now operates in 6 African countries with a team of over 30 people, providing tech development services for startups. They help build new startups and assist those who have issues with their current development partner.

Solution to Tech Problems:

Tech problems are typically caused by:
  • 1. An inexperienced inhouse team building something that isn't scalable
  • 2. An outsourced team that is not aligned with the long term goals of the startup. They are simply looking for their next project, resulting in delays and shortcuts being taken.

Peprosys offers solutions to both of these problems:
  • We align ourselves to the startup by doing work on a part-cash and part-risk basis. This way we make our returns on the long term success of the startup.
  • We open up our extensive network of VC, Angel and institutional investors to our portfolio startups to increase their chance and speed of raising funds.

We offer various services to startups, including affordable and fast technology deployment, growth marketing, funding partners, free mentorship, and guidance on building scalable and sustainable businesses to become top brands in African entrepreneurship.

Meet the Team

Mohit Sandal


Sahil Affriya


Meet our Advisors

Zachariah George

Managing Partner - Launch Africa Ventures

Steven Freidmutter

Investor/ Limited Partner - Launch Africa Ventures