How we work

Peprosys's Pathway to Startup Success

Application & Ideation

For startups that are not sure on what features to launch with initially, Peprosys helps entrepreneurs define and map out the best pathway to ensure maximum chance of success.

Scope & Quote

We scope out the features and provide a quote. Typically the quote will include a market price and an optional discount. If you choose the discount option we 'invest' that portion into your startup as an investor would. That way we are totally aligned and your success is our success.


We allocate a team to you that will design, build, and fully scale your product from scratch, or work with your existing tech stack. Our process includes a thorough quality assurance test before presenting to you for signoff, and we iterate repeatedly until the product is perfect.


We start with a soft “Beta” launch to work out any teething issues and make optimisations before scaling up to more users.


Once your product is operational we hand over the keys or continue to develop new features as you scale. Typically we help startups from Pre-seed to post Series A.

After series A our startups 'Graduate' where we help them hire their own internal team and can operate independently from Peprosys


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