How it works
We work together with startups across Africa to help them build products and develop stratergies,
using our combined expertise in technology, entreprenuership and frontier markets
Peprosys identifies entrepreneurs with great startup ideas but lack either the funding or ‘know-how’ to bring their idea to life. We want to work with people that are as passionate as we are about the future of entrepreneurship in Africa.
Once we have identified a startup that is suitable, we conduct an in-depth briefing to get to know the startup and their challenges. We want to know all the relevant details of the startup before we move onto the next step of our process.
Strategy and Project Plan
This briefing will give us an idea of just how we can help the entrepreneur bring their startup to life. Our strategy will outline a plan to build and bring a minimum viable product (MVP) to market. At this stage, we also help determine the product’s scope and review the possibility of fundraising.
Continuous Engagement
As the strategy and project plan are being implemented by our team alongside the startup, we further brainstorm and strategise on day-to-day business and technology challenges. This ensures that any teething issues are resolved to allow for the best possible user experience and business growth. We also assist in reviewing any important legal documents at this stage.
MVP and Launch
As a team, we prepare for the soft launch the MVP so we can gather early feedback from customers. This feedback will help us to ensure continous development and scaling of the product and the business.
As the project goes on, new areas that need attention may arise. We will work with you as and when these challenges appear. Our focus also moves to fund-raising and take you to a series-A investment round. We continue to provide fruitful introductions and guidance on fund-raising.
Exit and Handover
At the stage of series-A investment, we set a strategy with the founders of the startup to help establish an in-house team. We assist in finding the right person and hand over the tech operations. We call it “Graduation” from our venture builder support.